What can you create using these topics?

Absolutely anything! The only limit is your imagination. Not sure about that? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Written word
    • Journal Entry (a sentence, a paragraph or a few)
    • Personal Experience
    • Essay
    • Poetry
    • A Quote (attributed)
  • Photography
  • Artwork
  • Spoken
  • Video
  • Original Works of Music (or songs that can be put into a playlist and shared on Spotify)
  • Mixed Media – mix it up a bit

If a topic really resonates with you, try out a variety!

4 the ❤ of Blogging – Journal Topics:

  • Will consist of 1 to 5 words – a word, question or phrase. 
  • Topics will range from simple and sharable anywhere to high-risk topics you may not want your family to have access to (in other words – use your judgement on where and when to share your responses).

Contribution Rules (linking from here or being a guest writer):

  • Guest Writers are welcome, all of the below apply.
  • By sharing a link to your contribution, you are agreeing to have it be viewed by other readers.
  • You can opt to share something with me more anonymously via email.
  • I reserve the right to delete any links that I deem inappropriate (keep it safe and keep it legal – I will not tolerate: Hate, Toxic Behavior, Sexism, Racism, Promotion of Cruelty/Violence and will not share contributions that contain them.)
  • I reserve the right to modify these rules if issues arise.

How to Share Your Creations: