What is human? Or what does it mean to be human? I often wonder if I am, in fact, part of humanity (more on that here – actually, that’s not quite ready yet… to be added soon). Do I really want to be human? I’m on a risky quest to discover answers, from myself and others. 

You can use these topics as journal prompts or as inspiration to another form of art. I’ll be compiling responses in some fashion and if you’d like your contributions to be included use the options listed below. At this time, topics have no end date, so contribute at your leisure.

What is human?

Accepting contributions in the form of:

  • Written word (no character limit at this time)
    • Journal Entry (a sentence, a paragraph or a few)
    • Personal Experience
    • Essay
    • Poetry
    • A Quote (attributed)
  • Photography
  • Artwork
  • Spoken
  • Video (up to 5 minutes)
  • Original Works of Music (or songs that can be put into a playlist and shared on Spotify)
  • Mixed Media – mix it up a bit

If a topic really resonates with you, contribute as many of the above as you would like.


  • Will consist of 1 to 5 words – a word, question or phrase. 
  • I’ll post a new topic every week.

Rules of Participation:

  • By sharing your contribution, you are agreeing to have it be posted in some collective format
    • when you post it and in the future (perhaps a digital book or page)
  • You can opt to share anonymously (use the Airtable Form or email me and state you wish to be anonymous)
  • Treat everyone with kindness-some topics will be heavy, this is a safe space to state thoughts. Responses, if allowed, must be done with respect and not argumentative.
  • Keep it safe and keep it legal – I will not tolerate: Hate, Toxic Behavior, Sexism, Racism, Promotion of Cruelty/Violence and will not share contributions that contain them.
  • I reserve the right to modify these rules if issues arise.

Ways to contribute:

  • Navigate to the Topic page and use the Comments area to post your written contribution.
  • Post your contribution in your personal spaces (your blog, YouTube, Twitter, etc) and share the link in the Comments area.
  • Use the Airtable Form to submit your entry (this is best for anonymous contributions)
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