Tag: Sarcastic Humor

It’s Way Too Early

True Story 🤣. ☕

On the Agenda for Today

A nice morning checklist 😂!

Tis A New Day

True story 😂!

Wake Up!

cheers and g’morning ☕

Chirp Chirp

Truth. Happy Saturday 😘

Wishing you a Bright Day

😂😂! Would surviving till Friday count? What would yours be? ☕

On the Agenda for Today

We got this 😂!

Giggle the Sleep Away

So sorry, I saw this and just had to share 😂!

Just pour the coffee please…

Garfield, the cat that always knows the right thing to say 😂!

Go Out and Slay Today

The Flat Mars Society, sign me up 😂!