Tag: Movie List

Hostile Alien Takeovers

Cute lil green guys with big eyes? Probably not…

Wild Justice

Cowboys, Westerns, Cops and the Mob…Throughout time and space, Cowboys and Cops or Outlaws Prevail

Monster Movie Madness

Frightfully scary, awesomely cheesy or just outrageously fun horror featuring monsters of all shapes and sizes.

Movie Overload? I Use IMDB

998 movies on my Watchlist 🤣. I am surprised it keeps letting me add more. Here’s what I absolutely love about IMDB ..

Leave the Lights On

Screams, Gore, Creepy .. Horror that leaves you feeling anything but warm and fuzzy.

Legendary Heists

Legendary Heists – Money, Art, Jewels – Masterminds (or not), these are excellent heist films.

Movin N Groovin

Movin N Groovin – Musicals, Dance or About the Band – movies with plenty of groove.

Conspiracy Fix

Conspiracy Fix – There is treachery afoot.

Comedy Bliss

Comedy Bliss – Laughs are plentiful inside this movie list.

An Epic Quest

Journey through these epic adventures.