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Movie Overload? I Use IMDB

998 movies on my Watchlist 🤣. I am surprised it keeps letting me add more. Here’s what I absolutely love about IMDB ..

Leave the Lights On

Screams, Gore, Creepy .. Horror that leaves you feeling anything but warm and fuzzy.

Legendary Heists

Legendary Heists – Money, Art, Jewels – Masterminds (or not), these are excellent heist films.

Movin N Groovin

Movin N Groovin – Musicals, Dance or About the Band – movies with plenty of groove.

Conspiracy Fix

Conspiracy Fix – There is treachery afoot.

Comedy Bliss

Comedy Bliss – Laughs are plentiful inside this movie list.

An Epic Quest

Journey through these epic adventures.

Movie Lists and Reviews

Once upon a time, Netflix had an awesome community section

Blood Sucking Mayhem

Many shades of vampire – minus the sparkle variety.

Favorite TV

My favorite TV Shows