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Once Upon A Disaster

It’s an epic disaster!

Top 10 Movies Starring Bruce Willis

My favorite movies starring Bruce Willis

Time For War

Historic or Fictional, in my opinion, these are the best war films.

Top 10 Movies Starring Susan Sarandon

My favorite movies starring Susan Sarandon

Magickal Mayhem

Magickal mayhem fraught with witches, warlocks, magicians and supernatural creatures and phenomenon.

Hot Shots!

Get spoofed with these excellent comedies.

Not Your Average Romance

Epic love stories.

Time for A Road Trip

To go on a quest, to start something or to end something – friendship and traveling are common themes in these fabulous road trip movies!

Hostile Alien Takeovers

Cute lil green guys with big eyes? Probably not…

Wild Justice

Cowboys, Westerns, Cops and the Mob…Throughout time and space, Cowboys and Cops or Outlaws Prevail