Just pour the coffee please…

Oh how I feel that! ☕


Movie Review of Intrusion, Available on Netflix in September

Let there be light-finally!


G’morning Wisdom

❤this, 🤣. ☕

Jeepers Creepers

Movie Review of Jeepers Creepers, available on Tubi in September


ShopofNostalgia – Inspiring Artisan on Etsy

Fresh Laughs Inside

True story and a conversation I’ve had many times 😂. ☕

photo of plastics near trees

Litter Bugs

Sometimes, I get the urge to…

Zombie Army 4 – The Jump to Death  [58]

Zombie Army 4 – The Jump to Death [58]

A Glitch in the Matrix

Finding the comedy in the midst of this maddening disease helps me keep going.