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Spreading atheism and humanist massaging.

Some Hopeful Stats

“Most people you meet in everyday life — at work, in the neighborhood — are decent and normal. Even nice.”

2020 Vibes, a Playlist

2020 Vibes, a playlist

Zombie Army 4 – Death by Insane Wave 3 [81]

Zombie Army 4 – Death by Insane Wave 3 [81]

flag of u s displaying on pole

100 Percent

Probably the best story I spotted on Yahoo this week

coffee cup smartphone notebook

Naps as an Alzheimer’s Flag

A recent study highlighted an association between taking longer daytime naps and developing Alzheimer’s disease.

How Not to Rage Reply

How Not to Rage Reply

Mother, a Playlist

Mother, a playlist

MST3K The Slime People, Quote

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Episode 108, The Slime People

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