Zombie Army 4 – Death by Insane Wave 3 [81]

Zombie Army 4 – Death by Insane Wave 3 [81]

flag of u s displaying on pole

100 Percent

Probably the best story I spotted on Yahoo this week

coffee cup smartphone notebook

Naps as an Alzheimer’s Flag

A recent study highlighted an association between taking longer daytime naps and developing Alzheimer’s disease.

How Not to Rage Reply

How Not to Rage Reply

Mother, a Playlist

Mother, a playlist

MST3K The Slime People, Quote

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Episode 108, The Slime People

How are you responding online?

Just click away…


Movie Review of Idiocracy, available on Starz in June

My First RB Design

Stop Idiocracy Now

Social Misfit vs Antisocial

I was asked if being a social misfit was the same as being antisocial – what an excellent question!