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Scrap’t Art Gallery

I’ve built an Art Gallery on Cryptovoxels!

Have A Good Morning…

or don’t. Cheers to my fellow GenX’rs 😂. ☕

Just a thought…WP

The Issue/Annoyance/Grievance: Scheduled Posts not Posting when Scheduled: I’ve decided that just SMH (shaking my head) and moving on is too passive on this issue…

Magickal Mayhem

Magickal mayhem fraught with witches, warlocks, magicians and supernatural creatures and phenomenon.

It’s That Day Again


Good Morning Hugs

❤this ☕

G’morning Wisdom

😂. ☕

Sending You Smiles

True story 😂. ☕

Tis Monday

Cheers. ☕☕☕

The Bubble

Movie Review of The Bubble, available on Netflix in April