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Don’t Look Up

Movie Review of Don’t Look Up, Available on Netflix in January

Hostile Alien Takeovers

Cute lil green guys with big eyes? Probably not…


Movie Review of Extinction, Available on Netflix in December

American History X, Quote

Hate is baggage…

Legion M and William Shatner

Legion M announced that William Shatner joined the advisory board…

Pump Up the Volume, Quote

They say I’m disturbed. Well, of course I’m disturbed…

Idiocracy, Quote

As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point.

Wild Justice

Cowboys, Westerns, Cops and the Mob…Throughout time and space, Cowboys and Cops or Outlaws Prevail

Dark Waters, Quote

The system is rigged. They want us to believe that it’ll protect us, but that’s a lie…

The Harder They Fall

Movie Review of The Harder They Fall, available on Netflix in November