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Magickal Mayhem

Magickal mayhem fraught with witches, warlocks, magicians and supernatural creatures and phenomenon.

The Bubble

Movie Review of The Bubble, available on Netflix in April

Tolkien, Quote

I can die in any way the fates choose, …

The Whole Truth

Movie Review of The Whole Truth, Available on Netflix in March/April

The King’s Man

Movie Review of The King’s Man, Available on HBO Max and Hulu in April

The Lost City

Movie Review of The Lost City, Available in Theaters

Hot Shots!

Get spoofed with these excellent comedies.

Mystery Men, Quote

quote by The Sphinx


Movie Review of Kajillionaire, Available on HBO Max in March

burning candles with melted wax at night

Day 75 of 2022

put something here (why am i so damn bossy?)