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On the Agenda for Today

Good morning sunshine, may your ☕ be plentiful and your day full of laughs!

Who am I?

Thanks for sticking around for my Sunday Journal day, it’s much appreciated!

2020 Vibes, a Playlist

2020 Vibes, a playlist

How Not to Rage Reply

How Not to Rage Reply

Mother, a Playlist

Mother, a playlist

MST3K The Slime People, Quote

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Episode 108, The Slime People

How are you responding online?

Just click away…

Social Misfit vs Antisocial

I was asked if being a social misfit was the same as being antisocial – what an excellent question!

On the Agenda for Today

cheers and g’morning ☕

The Bubble

Movie Review of The Bubble, available on Netflix in April