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What is Your Brand Identity?

You don’t have to be a business entity to “brand yourself”. 

The Facebook Situation

Thoughts, action ideas and additional reading sources.

On the topic of Speak Your Truth

Thoughts on the statement “Speak Your Truth”

Movie Overload? I Use IMDB

998 movies on my Watchlist 🤣. I am surprised it keeps letting me add more. Here’s what I absolutely love about IMDB ..

crescent moon

After Dark

Thoughts on what brings me peace.

The Year I Ghosted the World

2020, the year I ghosted the world.

The little things…

Being a mom is hard work but also a blast!

Psycho Killer Wannabe

The following may be a possible trigger for anyone who’s had a relationship with a psycho. Read at your own discretion.

Sleep, It’s a Thing

Sleep…hate it and love it.

4 Generations

Grandma, Me, My Baby, and Mum … 2001