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The Year I Ghosted the World

2020, the year I ghosted the world.

Monday Night Check-In

put something here (again with this nonsense, smh)


Have you been so overwhelmed with something that you don’t know where to stop or begin?


Assumptions and a Family Tale

The little things…

Being a mom is hard work but also a blast!

The Nightmare on Elm Street, Quote

Whatever you do… don’t fall asleep. -Nancy

The Zombie Shuffle

Finding the comedy in the midst of this maddening disease helps me keep going. 

Monday Night Check-in

put something here (self, don’t tell me what to do) 😉

Monday Night Check-In

Random Monday Check-in 🤣

Psycho Killer Wannabe

The following may be a possible trigger for anyone who’s had a relationship with a psycho. Read at your own discretion.