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I’m off to sleep but I want to wish you a good morning! May your ☕ be strong and your day full of 🤣’s.

True story 🤣. ☕

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This was a fun/stressful trip we took in 2013. It was fun because we got to get away for a bit and enjoy the sites of Minnesota. Stressful because the reason we were up north was Grandma was in the hospital for a long stretch and we weren’t sure she was going to make it through. Thankfully she did but afterwards her health really started going downhill and she wasn’t able to travel as much.

Below is one of the few photos I have of Paul Bunyan, which is crazy because he’s everywhere! The Eat Here and Get Worms restaruant and bait shop … 😂🤣. No we didn’t stop to eat.

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