Rise of Kingdoms

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This will be my 3rd sponsored stream! I failed my first and the 2nd I earned $50 which was a nice surprise! Sponsorship opportunities pop up from StreamElements randomly. Most are limited to a certain number of streamers and that adds a bit of spontaneity to schedules.

In my first campaign, the requirements were a little high for the amount of people who were able to help out – so I’m definitely being choosy on what the offers I accept and be more proactive in promoting them 😂.

I’m interested to see what this game is like; I’ve seen a few ads for it and it could be fun to explore. They’ve even got a mini-game set up just for streaming!

Rise of Kingdoms – Sponsored Stream
Campaign runs 2/3 to 2/9
Use this link to participate and download the game on PC: 

Dates to Watch:
Sunday the 5th @7am
Wednesday the 8th @6pm

Goals to Reach:
2 new PC players to reach City Hall Level 5 ($10/new player, up to $160)
Bonus: 2 new PC player to reach City Hall Level 10 ($5/new player, up to $60)

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