Year: 2022

Weekend Creations

That Burger 😂

It’s Way Too Early


May 21st, A Mixtape

a mixtape for your saturday 😎

Wishing you a Bright Day

❤this ☕

NFT Giftaway!

The first 20 People to send me their info will get a FREE NFT!

Giggle the Sleep Away

😂 ☕

Fresh Laughs Inside

Scrap’t Art Gallery

I’ve built an Art Gallery on Cryptovoxels!

Have A Good Morning…

or don’t. Cheers to my fellow GenX’rs 😂. ☕

Just a thought…WP

The Issue/Annoyance/Grievance: Scheduled Posts not Posting when Scheduled: I’ve decided that just SMH (shaking my head) and moving on is too passive on this issue…