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Not to be confused with Vampires Suck, which was imho, an awful movie. Both parody movies came out about the same time and I couldn’t remember which was the one I loved. Thankfully, I chose the right film first to rewatch! Suck is full of rock stars, which made it super fun to watch. I especially enjoyed the stop animation car and airplane scenes, and of course, Iggy 😂. This was an awesomely done rock vampire music parody. Loved it!

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surprisingly entertaining mmmmmmmmk. I do love a good surprise and this film doesn’t disappoint. Keep in mind I’m not into all the goth, vampire, teen-angst-I-hate-my- parents-and-desperately-need-attention-from-anyone scene, but this film entertains throughout. It’s well thought out and continues to flow throughout with plenty of amusing tidbits and darker yet somehow still light-hearted moments which will make just about anyone lolz. I particularly enjoyed the direction and choice of cast here. Everyone seemed to fit into their roles brilliantly, including all of the famous rock n rollers from days of yore. Nice to see everyone is working and keeping their sense of humor as opposed to overdosing and kicking off way too early….”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 9/10

it sucked I don’t have anything against The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I don’t have anything against musicians playing in a movie but I really have something against movies classified under horror while it’s just some piece of crap. Some of the musicians can’t act, like Moby. If you want to see musicians act go watch Hardware. Why an actor like McDowell agreed to play in this flick is for me still a question. It just is a movie for teenies. If you like Twilight then you also will like this one. It is never scary or gory, yes, there is blood and dismembered bodies but it doesn’t work. There are a lot of effects, old school like Alice Cooper said and CGI. A lot of effects done while editing. The director just made a mix of a musical, horror, spoof, and references to album covers (The Beatles at Abbey Road, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA). It’s just a hodgepodge. Made for the teens, if you are a real horror geek, I prefer Hardware with Iggy Pop, Carl McCoy and Lemmy, just suck that one…”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 3/10

To even attempt to compare this awesomely silly and bloody (I mean come on, were you even watching it?) with Twilight. SMH. Wow. You Suck.

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