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I enjoy a good disaster movie. Usually, these movies are super cheesy and I’m okay with that. This film is absolutely full of cheesy moments. It is wonderfully done. Action storytelling at its best. I laugh, cry and cheer every time I see it.

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Great disaster film ….Once again, for the slow people in the back, it is a disaster film. The science is going to be terrible. If you have not yet figured out that fact from this and any other disaster films, you never will. I feel that the people that watch these and then judge them based upon how bad the science is are the same people that go to a Star Trek movie with a book that gives a breakdown of the Enterprise and get upset when the movie ship and book ship differ. These are meant as fantasy and escapism devices, not science lessons.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 0/10

Once again, for the slow people in the back, it is a disaster film. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥳🥳🥳

Avoid this if you know ANYTHING about science. Or decent movies…… How can someone be given $140,000,000 to make a pile of unbelievable crap like this? Oh wait – it’s the movie industry we’re talking about here…blah blah blah blah”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 2/10

Bad science is sometimes what makes a great sci-fi movie. And it’s fiction. Why are you even watching fiction if you can’t handle it? Stick to Documentaries if you want “real life facts”.

Disclaimer: This review is a personal opinion and not based on facts. Love or Hate it? Let me know or use the comments to share your opinion.

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