Junk * RePurp❤️sed – Silverware

My grandmother used to make some very fun windchimes with antique silverware 😍. Turns out, there are so many amazing things you can turn old spoons, forks and knives into.

The following ideas were found on Pinterest and most didn’t come with instructions – bummer. I think they are simple enough to recreate though. You can find even more Upcycling Ideas for Silverware on my Junk Repurposed Board.

Garden Markers

This is probably my favorite stamped project as it’s hard to find a really good garden marker for herbs and whatnot. These would last forever!

Clothespin Magnet

I’m sure that this could be done in a much more attractive manner, but the idea is solid! Alas, if there was a tutorial it no longer exists 😟.

Silverware Rings

This seems to be a very popular trend and it’s not surprising with all of the fancy silverware out there.

Fork Hooks

Love this tutorial and end project on how to bend your forks found at B+C Guides

Photo and Card Holders

Perfect table pieces!

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