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The Boys – 10/10

What if Super Heros were real? What would stop them from being just like us with all of our good and bad qualities? The Boys is a horribly awesome show, it pushes everything to the extreme. Honestly, that works, in part because we are already living in a world that’s crazy. Where haven’t they gone yet? I’m afraid to ask 😂. Every 5 minutes there’s something unexpected happening. Can’t wait for season 4!

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Violence, depth and American values right in your face!! Warning-Spoilers

I’m a huge Legion fan because of the way they did things – The Boys landed like a punch to the face, its dark, its funny (that dolphin scene!) and most of all its one of the most entertaining shows I’ve seen lately… every character is developed to perfection and if you don’t end up hating/loving Antony Starr for his superb interpretation of Homelander then you missed the whole point! A definite must watch – that would definitely be our world with supes!!

They dwell on topics such as sexual harassment, drug abuse, collateral damage and co-dependence like no one else is doing on TV – congrats Amazon and cast!”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 10/10

Went from great to mediocre to bad Season 1 was great. Entertaining and something new. Season 2 gradually went downhill becoming woke propaganda. Wish Hollywood would learn. Tired of great shows that push the bounds going back up the same old worn out narratives.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 2/10

The thing that really bothers me with this whole “anti-woke” narrative is that art in all of its forms (writing, visual, music, etc) has always portrayed the times that it comes from – from the first time a caveman drew a picture on the wall. This is not a new development. If you can’t handle it, whatever the side of the fence you are on, give up. There is no hope for you.

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