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It’s become harder to find old rulers, I think the problem is that everyone has discovered all of the awesome crafting ideas on Pinterest 😂. I think if I had one of those fancy wood cutting machines, rulers would make a great base for some magnets!

The following ideas were found on Pinterest and most didn’t come with instructions – bummer. I think they are simple enough to recreate though. You can find even more Upcycling Ideas for Rulers on my Junk Repurposed Board.

Ruler Boxes and Crates

I absolutely love all of the boxes and crate ideas available especially with some fancy corners like in the photo above.


Upcycling an old serving tray with rulers looks pretty slick! Check out the tutorial by Paige from Little Nostalgia


Super cool look with cut pieces and some solder.


Paired with the chalkboard this is a very fun design!


Great idea for a craft room as there are so many fun items you could use for hooks with a ruler as the backboard.

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