Red 11

Before the film begins, Robert Rodriguez shares how this story and movie came to be, including that it’s used as a piece to inspire movie enthusiasts to create their own movies with a low budget. Here’s the description for the accompanying documentary: 25 years after making his independent film “El Mariachi” for only 7,000 dollars, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez recreates the experience with his micro-budget film, “Red 11,” this time documenting his process in order to teach other artists how they can make their dreams a reality. Which can be found here:

Was it cheesy? Hell yes. Not typically the camera style that I like but, for what it was, it works.

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And this is why you never trust ratings on these sites Clearly someone had an agenda here. 300+ ratings of this movie keeping the movie in the 4 range, but only 5 reviews from people who actually watched it and it gets mostly 7’s (which it deserves). This was a creative, nicely done movie used as much as teaching tool for young filmmakers to once again show you how to do everything yourself so that you do not need large amounts of money in order to follow your dreams of being a filmmaker…..”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 7/10

Wow. Please no. Acting is beyond bad, it’s cringy. It hurt, I had to look away. Production quality is garbage, which would be fine if they worked with the low budget, like UNSANE, but no. Wow no. I thought the storyline would be the savior; the redeeming quality. Not. Even. Close. Nothing makes sense about this sour diaper of a film, from the guy composing the score with his iPad (yes, a character superimposes music from a keyboard app, even during shot / scene transitions) to the firing live invisible rounds from “finger guns”. This cold lump of turd hurt me. It hurt me and I felt dirty for not looking away sooner.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 1/10

With only 367 ratings, there are only 7 actual reviews posted. So, sorry SSJAWSUM, yours won the poop award by default.

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