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I’m not sure how many people experience having strangers approach them with religious literature in the form of pamphlets. This may be unique to me or the area that I live in. It’s almost impossible for me to have a garage sale or host a table at a local flea market without having someone hand me or leave out on my tables somewhere, a document that preaches about one thing or another. It’s comical yet highly annoying. I’d almost prefer having a Jehovah’s Witness appear at the door, at least they are direct about what they are selling and not covertly spreading their unwanted messages all over the place.

One of the serial offenders is actually a lady who, unfortunately, used to babysit my sisters and I. For some reason the courts decided that my stepfather had rights to where I got to go after school while my mom and him were going through their divorce. My stepfather decided instead of staying with the licensed childcare provider that we had been going to for the majority of my elementary years, my sisters and I would go to the houses of ladies who went to whatever church we were attending at the time. This particular religious nutjob cannot help herself from throwing evangelical propaganda everywhere.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to be one of those people. I will return the favor by handing out atheist and humanist literature to those who approach me. I may even include some “how to leave a cult” information. I’m thinking bookmarks would be the perfect size for this type of marketing project, as a handful would fit perfectly in my purse. Yep, this is going to be AWESOME!

In addition to creating some printed materials, I’ve found some great graphics from organizations online that help spread the word. I may have to start posting one in reply to every religious post I get bombarded with on the very minimal amount of time I spend on the Facebook. Oh, how devious and evil that would be. Can’t wait!!

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