Naps as an Alzheimer’s Flag

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When Naps Become a Warning Sign

A recent study highlighted an association between taking longer daytime naps and developing Alzheimer’s disease. (Article Written By Holly Thomas Source:

I’m not sure how often my grandma napped after turning 80, as I wasn’t able to spend much time with her until she came to live with us in 2020 and after she was diagnosed with dementia, but I always envied her ability to nod off at random times. I can’t say that when it happened it was for as long or longer than an hour at a time, but I do know that her napping increased throughout the day and during those last couple of years she did spend more time napping than not.

One particular piece from this article that stands out to me is:

Crucially, excessive napping was found to be a symptom, rather than a cause of
dementia. So while sleeping in the afternoon won’t necessarily cause cognitive
decline, it may be a sign that some impairment is already underway.

The more that is learned about this devastating disease and the earlier that symptoms can be diagnosed, the better as I wish the experience of watching loved ones succumb to it on no one. I know in my grandmother’s experience, she was suffering from living through it as much as we were watching it happen.

Read the article and get links to the study here:

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