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I am feeling very anti-religion at the moment, which has been inspired by recent events in America. In general, I respect everyone’s rights to believe what they want and worship whoever they feel like worshiping. It’s when those beliefs start infringing on others’ rights and when the lines between church and state start blurring in such obvious ways that I take offense. But that is a conversation for another day.

This graphic is a statement and it can mean whatever you want it to. To me, it means a few things including that I simply wish people would use their brains. Sin as a word is a made-up concept, created by those who wish to impose their concepts of what is immoral onto you. Or, by a god who is not my god.

sin /sin/ noun

  • immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law:
    • “a sin in the eyes of God”

Source: Oxford Dictionaries

This particular version of SIN is also inspired by the movie Idiocracy and is just one of a few different ideas. This is available in my shiny new Redbubble Shop.

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