How are you responding online?

Do Not Reply

You know the saying “Just walk away.”? The same applies to online environments. Just click away. I say 99% of problems or arguments are not solved by posting a reply to a post that upsets you or goes against your beliefs. 

I put it at 99% because there may be that 1%. But, how often have YOU changed your mind based on something said to you in anger or opposition on a post or message board?

Do I always follow my own advice? Hell no, but I really really try to. I have gotten into some EPIC word battles with people I know and just random people in general. The only thing it accomplishes is making myself crazy over something I have no control over. 

Thankfully the internet wasn’t as accessible in my youth as it is now, so I grew into my self control as the interwebs grew. If you’ve read any of my movie reviews, you’ll know I like to respond to other peeps reviews…thank goodness this isn’t an option on IMDB as I would have gotten in a whole lot of war of words and probably be banned for life by now 😂. 

If you really must comment on something, keep it simple and positive. Kill them with kindness. Be the bigger human. 

If you have a friend or family member that is always making you feel like you need to write something in anger – unfollow/unfriend them. Any hurt feelings are better than the whole universe being privy to something that you would probably not put forth irl. The anonymous nature of sitting behind a screen is an illusion. Don’t trust it.

Speak Your Truth but not in Anger or Opposition in the Moment

One of the past campaigns I was part of creating and promoting was called Pause B4 You Post, which I like much better than the THINK campaigns but alas, I have no evidence left on my puter so I shall leave you with a couple of those instead….

P.S. I love comments, so feel free to reply whenever – the Do Not Reply was not a directive for my posts 😂.

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