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This Australian Woman Asked Why Americans Adhere To A Nearly 300-Year-Old Document And Points Were Made

I am not on the TikTok nor do I browse the TikTok, however, if something is super popular it eventually makes it onto a platform that I am on and this is probably the best story I spotted on Yahoo this week. It was about an Australian asking, in a seriously funny way, why we adhere to a nearly 300-year-old document. I have to 100% agree @lilicurrie! It would be awesome if it was updated as per the times, but some folks think that would be unconstitutional 🙄. The flip side is that with those who have infiltrated the government since 2017 this could be a very scary proposition.

Check out the article here: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/australian-woman-asked-why-americans-233610747.html

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