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Are vinyl records junk? Def not but sometimes, like me, you end up with a bunch of unplayable records. I pulled a lot of ruined records out of storage units that I would hate to throw away. After recycling the covers, I have a pretty big stack to play with eventually. There are so many fun ideas – people make jewelry, wall art, lamps and even furniture with old vinyl. I think I’ll stick to small stuff and see what kind of fun bases I can make for magnets but I really love all of the inspiration out there!

The following ideas were found on Pinterest and some didn’t come with instructions, bummer. I think they are simple enough to recreate though. You can find even more Upcycling Ideas for Vinyl Records on my Junk Repurposed Board.


So many pretty butterflies! Ooh I Like That has an interesting tutorial using just an oven and scissors.

Office Nick-Nacks

If I didn’t already use cups and jars in my office/craft space I think I’d try this idea. These are a fun gift idea for anyone who loves vinyl as well. Sadly, no tutorial but using the oven and some quick moves, it should be fairly easy.

Vinyl Clock

There are some really stunning vinyl clocks on Pinterest. I like this one because the crafter shared the techniques to make your own and you can use the same concept to make non-clock wall art. Check in out on Instructables.

Switch Plate Covers

So fancy, I love them! No tutorial but you can find a ton more photos and ideas for vinyl on Refabdiaries.


What a cool idea! Originally posted on Not On The High Street.

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