This was a surprise. I was expecting another average college party movie and ended up with a thought-provoking thriller. For me, there wasn’t much comedy but it has a lot of emotional drama.

It’s all about perspective, and those who are unable to see multiple sides of life or listen to the other side of the story with an open mind are going to blast the crap outta this one so I felt I needed to use my voting power and set my rating at 10 even though I felt more 8ish.

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Its Good. I know this.. Because I watched it and I’m smart. But seriously folks…Don’t believe the onesies and twosies. They didn’t get it. I got it. You will too. Politics aside.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 8/10

I love this review. Short, sweet and funny. Perfect!

How could anyone review this 10 stars? Don’t know what this is. Wasn’t funny. It wasn’t anything. There was nothing fun about this movie.

Those that give it 10 stars think this is the best movie they’ve ever seen haha. We know that isn’t true. So why give it 10 stars? They must have an agenda.

It had a decent picture so I’ll give it that. There’s no way this movie is worth more than a 3 star rating. I’ll give it a 2 because of all the fake 10s.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 1/10

Well, there ya go mr rayguadry, we just cancelled out each others votes, sweet! Thankfully I came along because obviously your opinion is the only right one (and sadly, you can’t count…because IMDB clearly says you rated this movie at 1 star).

Disclaimer: This review is a personal opinion and not based on facts. Love or Hate it? Let me know or use the comments to share your opinion.

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