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I had a small collection of thimbles from my old junk sale days and we just had a garage sale so I know that I still have them. Browsing through my Pinterest ideas, I ran across some awesome upcycling ideas. Sadly, I reboxed my collection for the next time I do a garage sale or flea market so they are currently buried somewhere randomly 😂. I may have to go digging because these thimble ideas look like so much fun!

The following ideas were found on Pinterest and some of them didn’t come with instructions, bummer. I think they are simple enough to recreate though. You can find even more Upcycling Ideas for Thimbles on my Junk Repurposed Board.

Dangly Necklaces

Honestly, this looks like a really great cat toy if you are very careful with the beads that you use!

Miniature Garden Necklace

Isn’t that just adorable?! There’s a great tutorial for this project on My So Called Crafty Life.

Thimble Necklace

Similar to the previous idea but this incorporates other sewing items and that’s pretty clever. You can find the tutorial here: Dollar Store Crafts.

Thimbles as Flower Pots

This idea uses real tiny succulent plants! You can display this in a window or use it in a fairy garden. LOVE it! You can find the original inspiration for this at Small World Land.

Button Bouquets

I have a ton of buttons that are just sitting in glass jars looking pretty. I really like this idea of turning them into flowers and the addition of a thimble – so cute! Originally posted by Alchymyst.

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