NFT Update

I recently introduced a new style to my XOXO Framed Collection! I love this fun graffiti font 😁.

I’m slowly getting new words added… things at OpenSea have gotten a little smoother, but the process is still super time consuming.

Even though you log in with your wallet and it recognizes you, every time you want to make an addition (every time – for each individual NFT), you have to take the I Am Not A Robot test. The robot test is what messes up the most, as it times out or just has too many people trying to use it at the same time. IDK. It’s frustratingly annoying so I usually give up adding things to my collection shortly after posting 5 😂.

So, definitely not a fast process but slowly, the collection is growing. If you want to score a free NFT, be sure to visit my earlier post

To see the collection visit

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