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Buying junk jewelry for repurposing is an adventure to be sure. You never know what you’re going to end up with. There can be great treasures and the obligatory watch or three. I’ve got a pretty big collection of watches currently that I haven’t done anything with yet. Most are just crap wristwatches that no one would ever want, but maybe with the ideas here I’ll eventually do something with them.

The following ideas were found on Pinterest and didn’t come with instructions, bummer. I think they are simple enough to recreate though. You can find even more Upcycling Ideas for Watches on my Junk Repurposed Board.

Watch Bracelets

This idea simply involves taking watch faces and linking them together until you have a bracelet. Pretty neat gift idea for someone who is a clock lover!

Photograph Bracelet

This looks like the kind of watch I have a lot of at the moment. I don’t really care for this style, but I’m sure there are things you could do to make it a lil nicer. I like the vintage photograph and the use of the gears.

Christmas Tree Topper

This actually looks really awesome and strangely elegant. I think I love this idea and finding a cone at the craft store is easy. This would be a super cheap and easy project, especially with all of the extra beads I have laying around.

Photograph Necklace

This is much more attractive than leaving the watch on the band. Using decorative watch faces, this would be a really fun way to upcycle some watches.

Watch Treasure Box

I’ve seen this mostly with pocket watches but with some of the larger watch parts, this could still be a fun way to create little trinket showcases. This birdy with the nest is adorable!

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