The Bubble

Over the top? Absolutely. Just super silly cheesy, which is exactly what they were going for.

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Together alone …Now this being a comedy this is going to be exploited in many ways. You have to be in a certain mood and you have to like the humor that is being used. Mostly on your nose and all that stuff. The movie is really for those who like movies, but also like to make fun of them. In a mean but also sweet way…”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 8/10

Love that πŸ˜‚

Bad So bad. A movie for actors made by actors, as a normal person I didn’t get it or find it funny. It also comes about 8 months too late as most people aren’t quarantining any more.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 3/10

I admit that I’m not normal, but I’m also not an actor…and I found humor in this. Additionally, with your logic, there should be no more westerns, war movies, or just about anything that hasn’t taken place in the past few months. Not only is that in itself ridiculous, it’s impossible. Glad you are the “normal” one.

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