Day 103 of 2022

I forgot to share my Mint loot when it arrived! They had a super cute and silly 3/15 pop up sale so I got myself a t-shirt and some stickers. I’m wearing the t-shirt today, which is why I finally remembered I took this photo πŸ˜‚. Loving my Mint services. The 3/15 deal only lasts for the first 3 months though – then you have to prepay for a year to get the $15 rate – bummer, but still, can’t beat the price and service. If you’re thinking about changing phone service providers, I’d love to give you $15 cred for using my referral code (and you’d earn me a free month – that’d be super sweet of you 😘).

The Verse

My shiny new is kind of open. It’s temporarily forwarding to a free WordPress site as I’m not ready to commit to a full year of hosting services at this time. It’s the new hub for my NFT Collections. Still figuring out what direction to go in, but I’m having fun creating NFT art for now.

A Giftaway – coming in the next few days, if anyone is interested, I want to test out how my new form (not activated yet) and the transfer tool works on OpenSea so I’m going to gift 5 premade May Ann NFT’s and 5 custom May Ann NFT’s through the marketplace. I’ll do a special post when ready, just want to give ya’ll a heads up 😘 .

I spent some time yesterday browsing the Solana universe. I def want to move to all things Solana eventually – it’s better for the environment and it’s supposed to be faster and cheaper (as of yet, I have not found an NFT option that is easy/cheap to just jump in to). OpenSea is beta testing some Solana collections right now, so hopefully that rolls out to a wider base soon. I couldn’t get it to connect to my Phantom wallet, otherwise I would have jumped off Ethereum last night.

Walls – that’s what I keep finding πŸ˜‚. I know I’m old and all the new tech terms are a bit much for my comprehension at the moment, but for real it can be super frustrating. Nothing works together like they say it will. I kind of feel like there were people quietly working to build something awesome in beta and it would have slowly been introduced to the world at a pace that was easier to work with – a more finished concept/product/service…. and along came Meta, who released the wild dogs and kicked the hornets’ nest. Now everybody wants in RIGHT NOW, everybody has their own wallets/coins/systems ways to do things and there is basically pure chaos, and the price/time investment to make any progress is INSANE. Oofdah…deep breaths. It will sort itself out eventually.


Update on Meta’s marketplace-the fees are going to be a hefty 47.5% – HOLY SH!T what are they thinking? Has everyone lost their bloody minds?

In other news – this Music NFT Marketplace wants to give artists and fans an opportunity to earn crypto. I went and browsed the collection. Um. No clue what most of that music would sound like πŸ˜‚. Bookmarking them, but not ready to buy in just yet.

Movies & TV

The Adam Project – on Netflix
Rated 10/10
It’s got Ryan Reynolds, of course it’s going to be good πŸ€ͺ. But truly, it was a sweet family movie with some pretty fun sci-fi action thrown in.
Added to An Epic Quest, Fantastic Sci-Fi & Fantasy

April Movie List:
Magickal Mayhem (view current list on IMDB)… Got a movie that I should watch? Send me a message.


The Crow Reboot, mixed feelings about this. I love the 1994 movie for so many reasons. Even after all these years, revisiting it is an emotional rollercoaster. I’ll admit to not caring about the follow-up films. I think a reboot could be kind of awesome, yet also heartbreaking. I will probably love it.


I will take a break from all things nft and kill some evil nazi zombies tonight!

I saw Bruce Campbell in my inbox – on the COVER of the newest Game Informer, so AWESOME! When the print version arrives in my mailbox I’m saving that one forever 🀩. I never had the time to play any of the previous Evil Dead games, definitely going to spend some with this one.

Scrapt and Altered

My newest magnet series – That’s So Punk! I love punk patches but haven’t attached any to my clothing since the 90’s. I have a love of pins as well, but alas, my hat only has so many good pin locations. So, magnets. They can go on the fridge (my poor mum – I probably won’t put them there 🀣) or a locker or any magnetic surface. Super fun!

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.

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