The King’s Man

Wasn’t going to write a review for this until I saw the 6.3 score on IMDB – I just know the reviews are from people who are ridiculous and I can probably guess what character they dislike or sequences they hate enough to jump on and let the world know their opinion. Two can play that game!

So, they probably should have switched out Thriller with Comedy – as this was full of some pretty cheesy silliness. I enjoyed learning how The Kingsman agency came into existence (minus the sad bits, those were definitely not enjoyable but, tragedy, it’s what creates change). There were some pretty epic scenes sprinkled throughout and I cannot leave out the kick ass goat – LOVED HIM! If you love comedy, action and goats, you’ll love this movie.

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Better than the rating it got I get why this movie is getting voted down – it took a sharp turn from people’s expectations based on the two previous ones. But if you remove yourself from expectation, which you SHOULD do every time you walk into a movie theater, it’s an awesome flick.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 8/10

Better than the first one… The first movie of this horrible franchise is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It was so bad I still feel vomit in my mouth just thinking of it. I never saw the 2nd…..”

This 3rd instalment is a turd of a movie. It is inconsistent, contrived, laughable nonsense with horrible actors and extremely bad cinematography. Still this is about 1000 times better than that first movie so I feel a bit sad only giving this a 2/10, which it deserves, but it should be a lot higher seeing that one can only give Kingsman a 1/10 and not lower.

-Review on IMDB, rated movie 2/10

There were way too many Warning: Spoilers to share a real fun horrible review. I must say though that this above reviewer is quite an idiot – if you hated the first one so much and didn’t watch the second, why the hell did you torture the rest of us by watching the prequel?

Disclaimer: This review is a personal opinion and not based on facts. Love or Hate it? Let me know or use the comments to share your opinion.

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