Zombie Army 4 Favorite Walkthrough Resource

Shooting zombies in Zombie Army 4 isn’t the only thing that I love about the game. The world is rich with art and interesting (some may say disturbing) locations to explore. It’s full of collectibles that when found, help you upgrade your gear and character.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the collectibles during my first campaign playthrough. It wasn’t until I started playing in Horde mode that I realized how important the upgrade kits were to my weapons and I went on a mission to find ALL THE STUFF šŸ¤£. Some of these collectibles are super hard to spot, which is why I went on a walkthrough hunt.

YouTube videos have a place and time. While I’m in a game – that is not the place and time šŸ˜‚. So, I love it when I find an “old school” walkthrough online that can help me out quickly. My favorite Zombie Army 4 collectibles guide for the main campaign can be found at thegamer.com. It’s a little hard to navigate from one to the next as these are written as separate posts that don’t include the links to the previous or next location, but they are well written and include pictures to help guide you.

I’ve gotten all the collectibles for the DLC as well, but haven’t found a nice photo/written guide yet to help players out. When I run across one, I’ll add the links here.

Happy Collectible Hunting,

Campaign 1 – Dead Ahead


Campaign 2 – Death Canal


Campaign 3 – Meat Locker


Campaign 4 – Zombie Zoo


Campaign 5 – Rotten Coast


Campaign 6 – Molten Nightmare


Campaign 7 – All Roads Lead to Hell


Campaign 8 – Hell Base


Campaign 9 – Hell Machine


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