Robins in the Spring

I love springtime in Minnesota. It’s hard to pinpoint when it will begin (the calendar lies 🀣), but to me it officially starts when the Robins can be found foraging through the neighborhood. I love spring robins, they are so regal and soldierly looking – marching in the spring. We are pretty much gaurenteed a few more weeks of cold and snow after their first arrival but it reminds me that warm weather will be here soon.

not the best photo but it’s from an old phone πŸ˜‚

Although I love Robins, especially in the spring, my favorite bird is the Starling. I could sit and watch them hobble around on their bright orange legs for hours – they are so comical. Definitely the misfits of the bird world and many consider them to be pests, they are kind of naughty. Idk – can’t help it, I still love them!

so pretty

And now I have to know….

What is your favorite bird?

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