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I found an email in my inbox that said Google Domains is out of Beta. Honestly, I’ve been using them since they launched I think … so I completely forgot that it wasn’t an official thing 😂.

The world of domain names … I cannot tell you how many services are out there that just f’n suck azz. I would say 98% of them. Where does Google Domains fall into the mix? They are going to get a perfect 100% AWESOME score from me. Doesn’t happen often with the Google and me, but I LOVE this service. It’s fast, it’s cheap, it’s SO HASSLE FREE.

I would have to repeat the HASSLE FREE part 20 more times to really get my point across. I once bought a domain name from a service that behaved like the mob, it was impossible to transfer the domain name out of their care. I spent numerous (yes, numerous) hours on the phone with them, just to cancel their service. Even the popular GoDaddy is more of a headache than it’s worth, which was my previous favorite before discovering Google Domains. GoDaddy went through some changes and became very non-user friendly.

And NEVER, I repeat NEVER … buy your domain name from the service that is hosting your website. You never know if you are going to stick with them or if they are going to go under. You may find yourself locked into a host who you end up hating or have a hard time using their features.

That’s what I love about Google Domains, HASSLE FREE & CHEAP. Don’t want to sign up for their extra Google Workspace? You DON’T have to! Just use the Forward service that’s part of your domain purchase to have your branded emails sent to a Yahoo or GMail account.

Another beautiful thing about Google Domains, it’s got HASSLE FREE SSL/TLS Certificate set-up. It’s automatically included FOR FREE. In non tech terms – you may notice a Lock symbol in your address bar, that means that the website you are on is secure. A lot of hosting services will make you pay extra for updating from an http to an https … it’s something you get included with your Google Domain Name. Using HTTPS helps protect your users’ privacy and any sensitive information that’s shared when they visit your website. When you run across a site that your browser gives you warnings about – it’s probably because they haven’t updated to https yet.

Just to celebrate the out of beta news, I got myself a new domain name at a discount 😂. Don’t know what I’m going to use it for yet but I just bought for $9.80. My first fancy non .com name. SWEET!

I don’t get anything for promoting this service, I just love it that much! Everybody can get 20% off right now, but I’ve got a secret code for you that gets you 25% off a new domain or transfer – how cool is that?! Here it is:

New users can enter code FRIENDSOFDOMAINS at checkout for 25% off a new domain or transfer-in.

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