Still not sure how I feel about this movie, other than it was bizarre, yet oddly intriguing. I’m giving it a 10/10 because I was captivated by this odd family and their way of living.

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fascinating and infuriating … I’m fascinated with this family up to the point of Melanie…I have complicated feelings about this movie. … Some of this unforgettable and fascinating while other parts are too frustrating..”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 6/10

Ocean’s Zero … Not sure what the whole point was of the film. Sure it was different, but so was “Pink Flamingos” and many folks didn’t find it entertaining. It was slow and pathetic…. ”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 2/10

I am sure that this movie had point, I admit to not knowing quite what that point was other than a look at a family with a very strange and odd way of living their lives. Sure, it was slow but I think it’s your review that’s pathetic.

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