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My initial thought = when porn stars try to make an action film. Was pretty awful. Long drawn out chase scenes, horrible acting that was super cheesy, but not in a funny way – I think they were actually trying. I gave it a 4 for effort and I actually watched it to the end to see if it got better. Sorry. In my opinion, epic fail. πŸ˜‘.

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Classic Bruce! What has happened to Bruce Willis? Every movie he makes now is a substandard, low rent, second rate lemonade stand disaster. But yet, I am always glued to the television. Any scene he is in, which is not many, I can’t help but giggle….”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 1/10

I couldn’t really find a worthy high rated review, so picking this one. Here’s my Bruce Willis theory – back when The Expendables 2 (I think) was being cast, Willis wanted a shit ton of money – such a ridiculous amount that he got laughed off the team (bad move on his part, because these movies are awesome) and it seems like since then, no one with any respectable acting career will work with him anymore and he just doesn’t care to act anymore. That’s just my theory anyway. Idk.

For the first time in history, I can’t give out this award – every bad review is basically spot on and fits the quality of the film.

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