My First NFT’s

Inspired by the piggy bank (pictured below) that my aunt and uncle bought my grandma for Mother’s Day when they were younger.

Took the plunge and created my first NFT Collection! Now, I’m not super impressed with my digital art skills 🤣, but it is what it is. The process for creating a collection was pretty easy, just time consuming.

Getting established and paying the first Gas Fee was definetly not easy. Crypto is a major pain in the arse 😭. Gas Fee prices change by the SECOND 🤬. Thank goodness the setting up shop part is over!

I’ve enlisted the help of a couple creative peoples who will hopefully create much better art than I ever could, definetly getting excited about the possibilities if they join me!

Introducing ….

Vintage Hound Dogs

Inspired by my grandma’s blue, big eyed hound dog piggy bank (circa 1972) this collection features hounds in a variety of vintage colors. 30% of proceeds for item sales will be donated to the national Meals on Wheels program in honor of my grandmother (this includes first purchases and 2.5% from future trades).

There are a total of 51 Hound Dogs in a rainbow of colors using a vintage pallete. The Collection kicks off with Series 1, which features a solid cream background. The first Hound Dog owner gets the rights to name all of the future dogs created using the same color theme. Because grandma would not approve, I did have to state that no NSFW names would be accepted 🤪. Damn-I know!

Collection Cap: 1000 [there will never be more than 1000 Vintage Hound Dogs]

Collect for an Awesome Cause: Before my grandma came to live with us, Meal on Wheels ensured that she got healthy food throughout the week. I believe that the work they and their volunteers do is extremely important for seniors, expecially those who wish to remain in the home.

For more information about Meals on Wheels, visit

To view the collection visit:

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