So 1999 😂, I felt like I travelled back in time – simply amazing! This was a very sweet family film with a pretty awesome soundtrack. Loved it.

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Available on Netflix in February

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The kind of movies we need This was such a sweet one hour something movie. I grew up in the nineties, so not in the music era of the movie, but it was a messy, sticky, sweet, feel good movie reminding me how much of a rebel I was also in my teens. We loved it, thanks Netflix.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 10/10

Ugh Nothing realistic about this film. Nothing. Even if the film contained a live performance from the Great Joan Jett, this 12 year old audience targeted film would still fail. Misses the mark on so many levels,. Cute idea, so props for that. Stick to High Fidelity for a mature and honest look at music. If seeking a film about family, perhaps watch On Golden Pond.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 2/10

I have a feeling this dude wasn’t alive in 1999…if he was, he lived in a van down by the river. He obviously didn’t get the memo that it was a FAMILY film. It’s okay Dave – punk doesn’t like you either.

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