Day 51 of 2022

My beautiful grandma passed away on Sunday, February 6th (day 37). It was shortly before midnight. She stopped eating Friday, February 4th. Saturday she spent the day napping in her chair and my sister spent a few hours visiting with her. I thought maybe she would perk up after a good nights sleep but she spent all day Sunday in bed and didn’t want any food and very little water.

She was breathing so hard and just in so much pain. She looked very peaceful after her passing. I’m so grateful that I got to spend this time with her even though she was struggling with health issues and dementia. 89 years, what an amazing accomplishment. She was just the sweetest, and I will miss her so much. Her and her pup Pippy traveled up north to be interred next to my grandpa. It was a very simple service and was filled with family and friends sharing lovely stories about growing up with such an amazing person – she would have enjoyed it.

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