Day 33 of 2022

Gr0 and I tried out the Fading City Mobile Beta recently. He visited my shelter, dropped through the floor and got trapped in my basement which wasn’t unlocked yet 😂. So it was super glitchy but had an interesting basic storyline. Killing zombies is always fun.

Fading City is basically LifeAfter only with bomb shelters instead of little towns with communities where you build a house. The only locations available in the beta were city landscapes, so it will be interesting to see if that changes. There are a few other differences but they regurgitated a LOT of items and concepts. Still, kinda looking forward to it if they ever release it. I need a new mobile game to get lost in … actually, I really don’t have time for all that these games demand so it’s probably a good thing that it is not available yet. I struggle with my withdrawal to LifeAfter even after not playing it for over a year.

The Metaverse… if you want to really delve in to what that experience could look or feel like, jump in to LifeAfter or a similar open world game and then imagine being able to take all of the items and things you’ve bought or built outside of the game – either to another digital location or have it in real life. I have a lot to say on the topic of Web 3.0 but I don’t have it quite formulated yet. I’m equally super excited and leery of all things meta and nft. The “metaverse” is not new or brought to you by facebook alone… but the hype they brought to the table is definitely accelerating the speed that people, organizations and businesses are adapting to and growing it.

I’m looking forward to the irl possibilities – like hologram pop ups and other unique ways to interact with digital media without glasses or some crazy costume get up. Such an interesting thing to have seen the growth of the internet and now the evolution of that to where the lines are going to be super blurred between reality and virtual spaces.

Movies & TV

Sinister 2
Rated 8/10
More cheese than the first movie so it wasn’t quite as dark but it did have another set of morbid crazy ways to die, it expanded on the story which was nice.

Peacemaker (series on HBO Max)
Rating it 10/10
Gr0 and I are watching this together. It’s equal parts hilarious and sad. I don’t want to feel bad for Peacemaker cuz he kinda sucks and is an azz, but find myself doing it anyway 😂. I absolutely love the intro dance scene-super fun. I am anxiously awaiting Thursday nights now so I can catch the latest episode, it’s been awhile since I’ve felt that excited about a show.

February Movie List:
Not Your Average Romance (view current list on IMDB). Got a movie that I should watch? Send me a message.


We had a death in the family tonight. My grandma’s lil pup. It’s going to be so rough on her with Pippy gone. 🙁. It’s going to be rough trying to talk her through it every time she asks about her. I think everyone is in agreement – Pippy is at the Vet. My mum got on the phone with my aunts, they don’t think grandma will be with us much longer now 😟.

So what happened? Grandma was walking with her back to her bed from turning her light off and she took a tumble. Grandma is okay, the dog is not. We are probably going to either:

A) Get the wheelchair out and only transport grandma around the house in that under supervision (she’s so fast though when she wants to get from her chair to have a smoke or go to the bathroom – you can literally only turn away for a few minutes and she’s off causing mayhem of some kind) or ..

B) Move the tv to her bedroom and keep her there.

Hard choices either way but she has taken more than one tumble in the past couple of weeks and her safety is the main concern.


Just going to keep on keeping on.

Scrapt and Altered

I got myself a fancy Cricut Maker 3. It’s going to be pretty f’n fun to play with! It basically cuts anything, including MAGNETS! I’m going to make sooo many vinyl stickers and magnets 😁. And, if you haven’t seen this yet…

February 2022
To celebrate 1 year on WordPress I’m having a magnet sale! Get 25% off magnets on Etsy as a thank you for being here 🥰. (excludes vinyl-sorry that shit’s expensive 🤪)

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.

Da’Nela, an American Misfit, [she/her/hers/trying to be humanish, maybe]
Wednesday, February 3rd

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