It’s hard to say much about this without spoiling the experience. This one won me over with the cinematography, the disturbing glimpses of the microorganisms that were invading and the excellent performances by the kiddos. Not your average sci-fi thriller – it’s not fast paced but it is unique and tells an interesting story.

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Pleasantly surprising sci-fi tinged thriller The standard opening is enough to cause you to lose interest early on, but if you can work through it, you’ll be treated to something revelatory and very pleasantly surprising.”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 9/10

This is NOT SCi Fi Its like modern reincarnation of BBC original films – cheap modules with few famous actors to just fill empty place in TV-schedule. ”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 1/10

I disagree – this is sci-fi. Just because it’s not what you wanted or expected in an invasion movie doesn’t give all the whiners who rated this poorly an excuse to call it mislabeled. Science fiction comes in many forms. Todays airplanes, healthcare, landing stuff on Mars and the internet were only science fiction dreams once upon a time. When it comes to Horror and Sci-Fi – there are no limits. This, obviously, is just my opinion 😑. But seriously, f-off 🤪.

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