Zombie Army Gun Mastery Guide

It’s no secret that I LOVE Zombie Army 4. I’ve found a ton of great resources online that helped me find collectibles (documents, zombie hands, comics, etc – I’ll share my favorite links in a separate post), earn certain trophies and get through some tough spots but it’s super rare to run across written information on the guns in the game.

You can find a lot of YouTube videos on the subject of weapons and the end mastery challenges, however, I like a nice checklist of steps that are needed so I can decide what I want to work on. Alas, there was no information to be had so I started working on my own guide. I missed writing down all of my early steps to mastering the weapons I platinumed first, so I’m hoping to get some help completing this.

This is a Google Sheet and it’s open for comments. You should also be able to copy the workbook and edit it to your preferences in your own Sheets account.

Some extra information to help you out:

  • Each base gun requires 12 Upgrade Kits.
  • Pick your favorite guns to upgrade first, then continue to place kits on the rest as you will get them randomly in Horde and it’s good to have upgraded guns to kill zombies with.
  • Every time you Platinum/Master a gun, it adds increased damage to all your guns of the same type. So it’s worth the time spent if you want to be super badass :).
  • Note that you will only get Base Game Guns in Horde if you are doing co-op gaming. If you do Horde solo, it mixes up the selection quite a bit. Best place to work on Mastery is in Campaign where you can pick what you carry.

Open in Google Sheets:
Gun Mastery – Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Download a PDF Version:

Secondary Weapons

I hope you find this to be useful 😁.

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