6 Underground

(moving this review from Tumblr to here – originally posted in January 2021)

Serious action, great story with wtf moments, super intense and I loved it.

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Added to Lists: Shoot’em Ups, Thrill Overload

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Day of the Dead This is a high octane action grindhouse. Ryan Reynolds leads of team of ghosts to change the world…..”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 9/10

I should’ve honored my vow After seeing “Armageddon”, I vowed never to watch another Michael Bay movie again. I broke it when someone happened to turn on “6 Underground”. Total waste of time! This movie has no redeeming qualities!”
-Review on IMDB, rated movie 1/10

Um. Are you human? You may be a total waste of time. What exactly are your redeeming qualities?

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