I’ve tested out a few animation software sites over the years but I always go back to Vyond. Super simple to use and they have the best elements and characters available (in my opinion). I’ve used this for a variety of work projects. It’s great for short videos.

It also helped me with my stage fright when I got roped into being a speaker at an ag conference. I cartooned myself and did my whole presentation in a video instead of speaking live to a room of 100 plus people 🤣 – the audience had a blast with that and it made my speaker spot unique.

The pricing is high for this video software, but it IS worth it. There is nothing to download except your final video – it’s all done in a browser. If you are looking to only make one or a few videos, check out the program using the Free Trial. Follow that up with planning out what you want to do and then purchase a months subscription – 30 days is plenty of time to play with the assets and create something awesome.

If you are in the market for animation software – check out Vyond with a Free Trial!

Minions Wanted: Use this link to try it out! (I don’t think I get any referral cred, but even so – check it out.)

My latest creation:

Using this while live streaming 😁.

Trying To Be Humanish
Trying To Be Humanish

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