Day 5 of 2022

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Why do I love this state so? I question that love every day in winter 🀣. The good news? NO SPIDERS. So there is that. It looks like we have a heat wave coming up on Saturday. Yay. πŸ™„

Movies & TV

Have you seen the new Matrix yet? I wanted so badly to go to the theater for this but it just wasn’t going to work out so I watched it on HBO Max. What did you think? I loved it for all of it’s matrixy action and cheesiness. They could definitely spend a lot more time playing with this universe but I hear there are currently no plans to do more movies 😭.
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I posted my review for Don’t Look Up on Monday and ran across an interesting article on Yahoo that includes perspectives from scientists on the movie and what they thought of it. Good read, check it out here.

January Movie List: Time for a Road  Trip (view current list on IMDB). Got a movie that I should watch? Send me a message.


When they sent grandma home, they gave her 6 months timeframe and when we got her hospice care approved it was categorized as being for pneumonia. Her dementia is quickly eating away at her, she has trouble with simple tasks like drinking and going to the bathroom. She continues to lose weight she can’t afford to lose as her appetite has disappeared. Some days it seems like we will be lucky if she makes it through the night 😟. Our care team said all we can do is make her comfortable, we are watching her die. I know this and yet I don’t want to know this. She’s not my sweet grandma anymore but I still don’t want to lose her. 89 years though, she is a survivor and just an amazing person. Those moments of clarity make this journey worth the struggle.

Scrapt and Altered

Got a couple new magnets listed:

They can be found at or Scrapt and Altered on Etsy. (smaller variety available directly on Etsy)

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.

Da’Nela, an American Misfit, [she/her/hers/trying to be humanish, maybe]
Wednesday, January 5th

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