I use a combination of Lightstream and StreamElements when I stream on Twitch. I love Lightstream because I didn’t have to download software to run it – everything is done in a browser and it automatically detects when I go live so I don’t have to even log for it to start using my saved overlay.

Lightstream works with Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and custom RTMP. They just introduced Mobile streaming via the Lightstream MobileCast app – I haven’t tried that out yet but it’s awesome that they have it available.

With Lightstream I could cut out StreamElements completely but the combination of them lets me use the social stuff from Twitch (chat window, new followers, etc.) in my overlays. Rainmaker is an option from Lightstream that I haven’t really explored yet but with it you have data-driven tools to engage and grow your community so I imagine it works similar to StreamElements.

I highly recommend checking out Lightstream if you are looking for an easy to use tool to power up your live streams. It’s super simple compared to OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and you have nothing to download. The small monthly payment is so WORTH the hassle free streaming experience.

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