Wednesday Night Check-In

Is it Wednesday? I’ve lost all track of time, it kinda feels like an endless Monday around here 😂. I know xmas is in 3 days, but it’s super strange without the kiddo here. She’s not coming home until February (to go see Uncharted in the theater with me 🥰). Something excellent to look forward to in the new year.

Grandma is home thankfully. She’s been super down though. In an effort to get the rest of the family to send her messages of love, I rejoined the dreaded facebook. 🤢. Hopefully it brightens her spirits a bit. More on her return home can be found below.


Borderlands – I’m revisiting Borderlands 1 to get my platinum trophy. Enjoying the game with my new significant other, who is a huge Borderlands fan but he somehow managed to skip this game.

Zombie Army 4 – Currently on a mission to platinum all my guns…it’s hard af but I hit 20 unlocked just the other day! I definitely play this too much, as I know my rise on the leaderboard has more to do with time spent versus skill level 🤣.

Movies & TV

I haven’t had time to watch much since grandma came home. I did start watching The Wheel of Time on Prime… it’s good but I’m not attached to it. Idk. I love that they are turning more books into tv shows and movies, but for this one, I’m not really feeling any connection to the characters. Perhaps I’m just emotionally challenged at the moment 🤪. What are your thoughts on the show?

December Movie List:
Hostile Alien Takeovers (view current list on IMDB). Got a movie that I should watch?  Send me a message.


Back in October, grandma was feeling very bad – all pain to her is expressed via her back or stomach. She could have a headache but would tell you it was her back or stomach that hurt. It’s so hard for those with dementia to express how they feel. We took her in to the ER and they kept her in the hospital for 4 days without ever really figuring out what was wrong.

I think our mini covid outbreak came from that stay and my step dad was just the first to get sick besides grandma – as she wasn’t showing any signs of that but she definitely wasn’t herself in the week between coming home and then being sent off in an ambulance on November 10th. She was due for her booster shot, why didn’t they provide that while she was there? That hadn’t even crossed my mind before, but they should have said something while she was being exposed to the local outbreak at the hospital. My mind – super not on track anymore, so it was partly my fault. 😟

We finally got her broken out December 3rd but I can tell you this….her super long stay was very bad for her and after four days of no sleep and struggle for my mum and me – we got signed up with hospice services. They showed up the same day my mum called and introduced a whole lot of new things that helped – I can’t express how grateful I am that they are available!

I’ll let you know more details in the next few days. We are happy to have grandma home. Everything has changed once again and basically, we are taking it hour by hour now as compared to day to day.

If, by chance, I don’t make it back to post an update before the weekend, I wish you all an awesome holiday!

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far 😘.


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